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GreenThumb Shopper


Welcome to GreenThumb Shopper, Des Moines Iowa's Home Grown Delivery Service. 

Too busy to go shopping?

Families lead busy lives these days. Some days it seems like we're being pulled in several directions all at once, and it's difficult to find the time needed to get to the supermarket and shop groceries. For that reason  more families are turning to the convenience of app based grocery ordering and home delivery.

Many people however find themselves dissatisfied with the impersonal nature, and often times lacking customer service of the popular delivery apps. What if there was a another option? Something local, something that's different and unique. Something like....

What Does It Mean To Have A Personal Shopper?

Having your own personal shopper means you will have someone shopping specifically for you. It means knowing who's doing your shopping and coming to your door.  A personal shopper is someone who will take an interest in your unique individual preferences and needs, someone who you can trust to take the time to look at labels for specific alergins if needed. Someone willing to make stops for you at different stores, and in general someone who will provide closer personal attention and better service then one typically receives from the average "gig worker" doing deliveries as a quick side hustle. But most importantly, having a personal shopper means you can spend your valuable time doing the things that are most important to you. 

Imagine Having a Personal Shopper Who Also Has A Gardner's Green Thumb

With GreenThumb Shopper not only do you have someone you can count on to handle your shopping needs but you're also getting a local urban gardener who's eager to share the fruits of his labor. 

Imagine every time you placed an order for grocery delivery your shopper told you which fruits and vegetables are in season and offered complimentary produce with your grocery order. Fresh picked culinary herbs, berries, vegetables, and more.

Pint package of freshly picked heirloom cherry tomatoes ready for a customer
Pint package of freshly picked heirloom cherry tomatoes ready for a customer
Art Jeffries owner of Green Thumb
Art Jeffries owner of Green Thumb

Safe Food Handler Certified

As your personal shopper food safety is always a top priority. I follow safe food handling practices in compliance with online training I've received from ServSafe as recommend by the Iowa Grocers Association. 

Convenient Phone App Ordering

All GreenThumb Shopper customers download the free and convenient to use Dumpling Shoppers App to create shopping list from any area stores they choose. 

The small dedicated team at Dumpling are my partners in success, and provide me with the business tools and support needed to best serve my customers. 

Download the app here to get started.